Things I don’t want to forget . . .

So I am back to blogging. Yes- I have missed a bunch. No- I will not be able to make it all up. But little things kept happening in my weeks, that I know I won’t remember another year from now (or even six weeks from now). So I am jumping back in and writing it down.

This past week Luke got to do something very special, something he has never done before. He got to go visit Oma & Monkey in Louisville ALL BY HIMSELF. That’s right, no twin sister, no big brother, no little sister tagging along. To say he was excited would be an understatement. I wondered how Luke & Lily would do separated for a few days.
On Thursday as Luke rolled his rolling suitcase out to the van (which wasn’t really necessary- we could have packed in his backpack he only needed a few outfits- but he wanted to use the suitcase), he stopped and turned to Lily and said “Okay Lily, you can hug me now.” Lily wrapped her arms around him in a huge hug and started to sob. Oh man- I thought. This is not going to be good. But Lily eventually pulled it together and didn’t cry again, not even when we did the official switch-over in Bowling Green.
Lily certainly missed him and Oma said that Luke missed us too (although I am not so sure, she might have just been saying this for my feelings). And it was a happy reunion on Saturday… L & L played together for a good 30 mins before the fighting began again!

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