Why does it always happen in Old Navy?

If you have read my blog for awhile, you will come to find that I often run into trouble in Old Navy. (For example, when Jack pulled out his tooth and lost it behind the racks?) This last week I caused a ruckus in the store once again. I just needed to dash in and look for one little thing (this is always the way it starts), I ONLY had Ali Rose with me (so it should have been a piece of cake), but she was in major need of a nap and she was looking a hot mess (think: still in her pj’s, runny nose, hair not been tended to yet- shame shame on me). So I run in and Ali Rose is not a happy camper, the trouble is I see so many cute things that keep snagging my attention. In an effort to appease AR I let her hold my phone as she is hanging on my leg while I check out the new spring skirts 🙂 Next thing I know my cell phone hits the floor- busts into three pieces and the important piece (the battery) goes scooting under the rack. I get down on the floor (on my tummy) to see if I can see it under there- yes, just out of my reach. So I get a hanger and start trying to “fish” it out from under (AR is copying everything I am doing, so she has a hanger and is laying on the floor pushing her hanger under the rack as well)…. we are making quite the scene. The problem is that my hanger just keeps pushing the battery further behind the rack. After a quick internal debate I realize that I have to go up to the checkout and ask for help. AR starts screaming when I pick her up so picture her kicking her legs and crying while tucked under my arm as I head to get assistance. The nice lady who works there gave me a half-smile and gets the big hook thing, she gets down on the floor too (I am sure I made her day!) and after a good five mins is able to fetch the battery out. Whew, I am sweating. AR is now trying on a shoe that I have NO idea where it came from. So we get ourselves all put back together (phone included), pay for that cute (and worth it? i am still not sure) spring skirt and make a clean get-away. I am pretty confident the Old Navy workers wish that I would find another store to shop in.

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