4th Birthday Party -Luke

Okay, so technically the twins turned 4 in October. The week of their birthday I had just returned home from three weeks in Uganda (meeting AR for the first time) and was preparing to go back for our November court date with Nathaniel. Life was crazy- to say the least. But we DID celebrate Luke and Lily each in their own unique fashion! I have just never posted about it and I surely want to remember, so here it goes!!!

Luke had the best and easiest (and cheapest) birthday party known to man…. every time I asked him he would say, “I want a CPA football party at the football game.” This boy sure loves his football! It turned out that on the Friday night (after their official birthday on Thursday) the lions had a home game. We suited Luke up in his football gear and made a sign that the cheerleaders would hold and he could bust through onto the field (this was all his requesting and we did it before game time!). He wanted the sign to say “Happy Birthday Lion Luke!” Luke got to wear the jersey of his favorite CPA player #10 (Luke has a slight obsession with him, but that is another blog post entirely). He also was allowed to order WHATEVER he wanted from the concession stand and didn’t have to share a bit!

I purchased a sheet cake from Costco and the deal was that if the team WON then Luke could go in the locker room after the game and have cake & celebrate with the players. If they LOST, however, no locker room. The game was a nail biter and Luke just kept checking the score. In the end we won and Luke was ecstatic! He and Jack and Nathaniel all headed into the locker room where the team sang Happy Birthday AND did the “Luke Luke Luke” chant. I mean, we carried Luke home that night on a cloud!

Happy 4th Birthday Lion Luke! We love you!!!!

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