Right Now

In an effort to remember (one day) what is going on in our life RIGHT NOW…. I decided to post.

Right now: Jack is in week 4 of wearing the boot for his broken ankle and he is totally over-it. He still loves school and is most excited that the new playground/or playscape- as they are calling it, is finally opened up for the elementary students. His favorite day to buy lunch is soup & sub day and he bases his decision on if he should buy tray lunch by what’s on the menu for dessert. Dessert trumps the main course in his book (mine too!). Jack is filling out and it is hard for me to carry him- even piggyback- for more than a few steps. The way to his heart is still through Legos!

Right now: Lily loves to work on writing her letters and numbers. She also enjoys anything that has to do with a ball. Lily is confident and a bit bossy (Nathaniel said she gets that from me?), she is not easy to “convince” to do something that she doesn’t want to do. She picks what shoes to wear to preschool based on if they are “fast shoes” and she can beat all the boys in a foot race. Although they fight like CRAZY, she still has a special place in her heart for Luke. If Luke is in trouble she has a hard time allowing him to take his consequence. Sometimes she still cries about it even more than Luke does. Lily loves her babysitter Ms. Susan (who is more like a family member at this point) and actually cheers when we tell her that it will be a babysitting night 🙂 The way to her heart is through lip gloss/nail polish or playing catch outside with her.

Right now: Luke is our biggest “helper”- he can find things when lost, he loves to help Nathaniel in the garage and yard, he even goes grocery shopping with me on the weekends. I have come to look forward to our “grocery store dates.”  We are trying to figure out why Luke is congested so much of the time and are starting him on zyrtec as well as a big dose of antibiotics to kick out this current yuck. Luke is still figuring out his new role in the family, now that Ali Rose has moved into the spot of youngest. Somedays are better than others! Luke is LOUD, energetic, snuggly and likes to make us all laugh with his funny faces and statements. He pushes the envelope…. a few weeks ago the babysitter told him it was time to stop playing and head up for bed. Luke looked at him and said, “NOPE- not gonna happen!” Luke has also been taking his bible to bed every night and told Nathaniel that he was going to preach & pray so that he would grow big. In the way only a Daddy can, Nathaniel told him that would help him to grow big, right in the most important place,- his heart. The way to Luke’s heart is through football, farming & preaching!

Right now: Ali Rose has her two bottom teeth and one on the top. She is in constant motion and is fast as can be! She is very independent and I think acts more like a 2 and 1/2 year old than a 13 month old. Ali Rose sleeps like a champ and eats everything we give her. We are still playing catch-up on immunizations, so she gets stuck on every trip to the pediatrician. She seems to be right on the verge of really talking to us (with recognizable words), but says “Dada” and her favorite “Uh-Oh.” I try to get her to say “Mama” and she looks at me with a twinkle in her eye and says “Dada Dada Dada!” Little stinker!  She loves to play outside and be pushed in her pink swing and she giggles when the wind blows on her face. Transitions are hard for her right now so she cries when we are going from outside to inside, house to car, playground to preschool. She seems to like her first set of braids and she clinks her beads together and claps! She is settling into her spot as #4 and loves her siblings, but also enjoys our “quiet days” on MWF when they are all at school. The way to Ali Roses heart is through tickles, a push in the swing or letting her snuggle down in her crib with blankies and a bottle 🙂

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