One of THOSE days. . .

The other day went something like this….

We show up to school to drop off Jack just in the nick-of-time 7:40am (Kindergarten starts at 7:45). Jack has on his boot and goes to put on his tennis shoe for the other foot (which he had grabbed on the way out the door that morning). “Uh, Mom, I got the wrong foot!” Oh no. We turn the van around and head back home to get the right foot. Returning to school late.

At lunchtime I get a text from Lily’s preschool teacher that says: “Just checking, did you pack Lily a peanut butter sandwich today?” (The preschool is a no peanut zone due to allergies). I texted back that “No, she should have turkey & cheese and so should Luke. That I packed Jack a peanut butter sandwich.” She responds to say it is okay, but Lily has her turkey & cheese and a peanut butter sandwich. Which means, Jack didn’t get a sandwich in his lunch.

Later that evening we are driving to a CPA event and getting a quick dinner on the way. In Bellevue we have a McDonald’s, Hardee’s and Burger King all right in a row. The kids vote for BK so I zip in the drive thru. I go about ordering the kids meals “Kids whopper meal, Kids crown nugget meal, etc” and the window worker seems to be having trouble with my order. She kept telling me what they had to offer and I thought, “Wow- BK has really changed it’s menu since the last time we were here.” Then I pull up to pay and get the food and Jack shouts out from his seat- “Hey Mom! Burger King is over there!!!” We were at Hardee’s. No wonder they had an attitude with me when I ordered the whopper 😦

Finally, I needed to pick up a prescription at Walgreens and an 8 X10 family photo I had printed. Got the prescription, got the photo, get in the van to check the picture and it is great…. until I realize that Nathaniel’s head is cut off at the neck. Ahhhhh, it was one of THOSE days!

One response to “One of THOSE days. . .

  1. OK, I’m behind on blog posts. I just laughed and laughed at this one. What a day. I’m so glad you’re writing all this stuff down. 🙂

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