Mother’s Day 2012

Yesterday was the perfect day…. the kids treated me to breakfast in bed complete with: sausage biscuit, hash brown & diet coke (from McDonalds) AND a dunkin donut! Can you say Yum-O?!?! Lily told me the night before as I was tucking her in that my surprise was to stay in bed the next day and they would do all the work! I asked for them to each wear the outfit that I picked out for church (this is usually not the case) and to get their picture taken with me. Everyone did, since it was mother’s day and all….

I am grateful that God chose me to be their Mom.

Jack made a gift for me in school and couldn’t wait to give it to me, so I opened his Friday night!

Luke & Lily invited me to a Mother’s Day luncheon last Wednesday at preschool. They each gave me a handprint flower-vase which I have up in the kitchen.

I am thankful to call Luke my son…..

And Lily my daughter….

Jack my son…..

Last but not least- Ali Rose my daughter!!!!

My final request- as everyone was bickering in the van driving home from church- I asked that everyone NOT FIGHT for the rest of the day as my final mother’s day gift. The kids flat-out told me “Not gonna happen.” Aghhhh!

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