Ellie’s Run for Africa

Last Saturday we had to do a “divide & conquer” move. Nathaniel took the boys with him to a CPA Habitat for Humanity build in the morning, while Grammy & I took the girls to Ellie’s Run. Lily represented our family in the kids fun run and helped to support a student at the New Dawn School in Kenya. Both Grammy & I wore our running shoes and Lily picked Grammy to run the race with her! Ali Rose and I got to cheer them on and snap a few pictures. Our morning was better than the boys…. after arriving at the Habitat site a little before 7am- the site manager came out and said that you had to be 15 or older to be on the premises. Oh my…. Nathaniel had two sad sad little boys on his hands. (Complete with Jack throwing his construction hat down on the ground in frustration!) Note to self for next time- do not take the kids along on Habitat Build.

The race was downtown this year….

Ali Rose watching & waiting for Grammy & Lils

Yay!!! Here they come 🙂

Wahoo! Crossing the finish line~

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