Senior Trip

The end of May found Nathaniel & I chaperoning the senior class trip to Clearwater Beach, Fl. This annual trip has become one of the highlights of my year! I am responsible for my group of students, and let me say it’s a MUCH EASIER job than being responsible for my four little squirrels at home. I truly get to sleep in, eat every meal out, catch up with my friend Tara and the other great folks who chaperone as well. My biggest decision most days is if I should go to the ocean or the pool (on the ocean). What a blessing! It’s just what I need every May to re-charge my batteries.

A great big thanks to my Mom & Amy for coming to Nashville and “holding down the fort!” I couldn’t do it without them! Also thanks to Anna- who was a big help this year ๐Ÿ™‚ One thing we miss, when away on the senior trip, is the last day of school & preschool. Jack had field day- and everyone went to celebrate the last day with him! I am glad that I at least have some fun pictures to see what I missed. Yep, Jack’s hair is black & green.

Below is a classic Luke pouting picture- mad about something. Above he is back to happy- look at that tatoo!

Ali Rose “stealing”Aunt Amy’s sunglasses. I heard that Amy & AR were quite the pair all week ๐Ÿ™‚

Monkey & Jack leaving the campus. One year of Kindergarten DOWN!!!!

This is us before dinner the final night. Don’t we look relaxed & well rested?!?! I even got to wear jewelry and makeup!

Ice cream is an every night ritual at the beach!!! Can’t wait till next year rolls around!

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