Uganda – and Nashville

June 20th – July 1st Nathaniel chaperoned a group of 20 CPC/CPA students to Uganda. The first part of the trip was spent in Masindi where they worked at the orphanage & school that is close to our hearts because of Ali Rose. The second part was spent in Jinja working with various ministries.

It ended up being a hard time for us back here on the home front. I was throughly exhausted by the kids and I am pretty sure they were wondering what had happened to their “nice” mommy.  Towards the end of the second week I was falling apart (yes, I met a friend at the Y and broke down crying to her on the walking track), I thought- “Boy, this is a low point.” Then that evening at bedtime Luke came running out of the boys room to tell me Jack was going to throw-up and he tripped and hit his mouth on the hard tile steps. Lots of crying and LOTS of blood. I thought the major problem was that his teeth had gone through his lip but once I finally got the bleeding to stop I called a trusted friend in the medical field to find out if I should take him to get stitches. At this point Luke said, “Mom it’s my teeth that hurt.” Well, I pulled up his hugely swollen lip to find his front two teeth very messed up. Both teeth were out of place yet Luke would hardly let me touch them because they hurt so much. My friend told me at this point to just keep him comfortable through the night and take him to our pediatric dentist first thing in the morning (it was 10:30pm).

The next morning I took Jack and Lily to VBS and called our dentist as the office was opening. (Thankfully my Mom had arrived and kept Ali Rose at home for me) I found out that our dentist was on vacation this week and another dentist was taking any emergency patients for him. Next I called the emergency provider, only to talk with that receptionist and find out that all of their dentist were in surgery all day on Friday and couldn’t see other patients. I was starting to cry on the phone and the nice lady  said “Don’t worry, we are going to find you someone who can help your child.” She referred me to a third office out in the Cool Springs area who said I could bring Luke right in. So off we went- the little blessing in all of this, is when we pulled up to this office I saw the vehicle of one of our family friends the Gallagher’s in the parking lot. I had not seen Mandy in a couple weeks but there she was at the dentist with one of her kiddos! This helped me tremendously even though we only got to glance at one another through the glass doors of patient rooms. God knew we needed one another to get through that hard day!

The crummy news is that Luke did enough damage to kill both his front teeth (good thing they are his baby teeth). Both will turn gray (one already is) and both will fall out soon. Luke was in a lot of pain from the fall. If this is any indication… he wouldn’t talk or really make ANY noise for all of Friday and most of Saturday. I started getting more worried about the way he was acting than I was about his mouth/teeth. A quiet Luke was something I have never experienced. I was assured that it had just been very traumatic for him and he was still in a lot of pain. We headed out that Saturday morning (June 30th) for the beach and Luke was on a mostly liquid diet.

I am glad to report now as I type this post that Luke is back to his normal LOUD self. Nathaniel even said to me that he thinks Luke’s new (crooked & gray) front teeth fit his personality better than his old ones did. I guess that’s one way of looking at it. I probably should have taken a picture of Luke during all of this, but I didn’t, I think it might have upset me too much. Needless to say, I am thankful to have Nathaniel home again!

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