Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Will B, Jack, Lily, Philip & Luke~ chasing the waves

I LOVE the beach pictures of Lily each year. Since her typical “style” is not to wear dresses & bows, I just soak up her cute little self on the beach. Lily is much happier in mesh shorts and a mis-matched t-shirt with her hair all down (and tangled). For example, while typing this post Lily just came downstairs in Jack’s underwear- mesh shorts- no shirt- and hair in ponytail.

Crazy Daisy Cousins!!!

“Trying” to get a family picture. No easy task!

The kids thought it was hilarious all week to take the camera and hold it upside down to get pictures. I promised them I would put one or two on the blog. How stinkin’ cute is Will B?!?!

Dinner out at Shorty’s on the beach. The kids were allowed to order whatever they wanted… they ALL asked for Diet Coke to drink. Jack had a grilled cheese sandwich with a side order of mac n cheese! That pretty much sums it up 🙂

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