Santa Rosa Beach

In early July we spent a week at Santa Rosa Beach, Fl with all my family. We are so thankful to take a trip like this each summer and spend valuable time with the fam. Lots of fun memories were created! Thanks to Amy for all her help with our “gaggle” of kids, thanks to Will B & Philip for all the good “cousin time”, thanks to Mom & Dad for funding it all and loving us well! Next year will be even better Mom- I promise 🙂 The quick disclaimer here is that I did a terrible job taking pictures. I think four is officially the # of kids that puts me over the edge-ha! So,,,, here are the ones I got and I am hoping Katie comes through with some better ones! (We were at the beach for the 4th of July and Amy’s birthday- posts on those to come soon).

Luke and Ali Rose on their “perch”

Headed to the beach

If everybody had an ocean, across the USA...

The above & below pictures make me crack up every time I see them. It’s the classic “it’s hot, the sun is in my eyes, just take the picture so we can get in!” moment.

A rare moment with AR sitting on the beach. Did I mention she HATED the sand?!?! Wanted no part of it, not only did she not like the sand she also got upset if I was holding her and I had sand anywhere on me. Whew…. we spent most our time with her at the pool. In her defense, she was not feeling well and certainly not her happy-go-lucky self the week of the beach. She didn’t even SLEEP well- which was a major indicator something was up with her.

Amy and AR getting a quiet snuggle on the beach

There’s my sissy!!!

One thing the kids all look forward to beach week is that they get to sleep in bunk beds AND have a tv/dvd player in their room. We let them fall asleep most nights watching a movie. They all three listed this as one of their favorite things about the beach week!
Amy, Andy & I (and some little hands of someone who wanted in the picture :))

Where’s Lukey?!?!

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