Birthday Boy

It was quite a busy birthday today! The day began with our family tradition of donuts for breakfast, then Jack left early for school with Nathaniel because today was the first meeting of “Chess Club.” He was super excited about Chess Club. Later in the morning I delivered hot Krispy Kremes & milk to his classroom for a treat. After school we headed to flag football practice and then back home to open presents! Most of the presents involved Lego’s in some shape, form, or fashion. As usual, Jack wanted to get right to work building his Lord of the Ring sets. It is also tradition that the birthday individual gets to pick a special dinner and Jack ordered Little Caesars so he could continue to build. We did coax him out onto the back porch for a little “Happy Birthday” and ice cream cake. It is now 9:30pm and I am about to call it a night, Jack is still going strong having been building for 4.5 hours! He sure does love his Legos 🙂 Happy Birthday Jack, we love you!!!


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