The Girl Can SLEEP!

So I needed put Ali Rose down a little early for her nap today and I was thinking she might not be too tired- so,,,, I handed her a favorite book and her baby doll. My thought was she might play a bit before nodding off to sleep. Ali Rose gave me the strangest look, then she stood up in her crib and fished out the book and handed it back to me. I said “You don’t want your book?”  “No” was her short reply. Then she scooped up her baby doll and handed it back out to me, “You don’t want your baby either?” “No.” She flopped back down in her crib and snuggled up in her blankets, blew me a quick kiss and then gave me the look that said, “Now, if you could just get outta here I can go to sleep!!!!” I have never experienced a little one who likes to sleep as much as AR. It’s wonderful and I am trying to be careful not to mess it up!

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