I am SURE he will pick football~

Over the weekend Lily had been invited to her friends birthday party. Luke’s name was not on the invitation for the party, which was kind of hard for him to swallow initially. But I explained to Luke that I bet it was an “all girls” party. At some point Luke saw the parents of the little girl at preschool and the fact that he was not invited came up. The father graciously told Luke he was welcome to come- if he wanted. So Saturday morning rolled around and Luke had two choices: go to Jack’s flag football game with Dad, or go to the “all girls” party with Lily & Mom. I was SURE he would pick football, like I would have put $100 down on it. And just like normal, when I think I have it figured out, Luke picked the birthday party. So we went to Glow Galaxy where Lily and her friend and 15 other little girls (plus Luke) celebrated! At some point (maybe when he’s 16?) Luke is going to be bragging about this. I told Lily & Addison to let me get a quick picture of them at the party- and into the picture snuck Luke…. pretty much sums up the day! Gotta love him.

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