Elementary Tailgate Night

Friday night was Elementary Tailgate Night for the football game. Ali Rose didn’t have a nap that day because we were at school for Jack as Marvelous Me. Thus, AR got to stay home and have a babysitter all to herself! She was asleep at home before the first kick-off. I took the big kids and we tailgated and took in the game, until halftime- when we, like Cinderella at midnight, had to leave the ball(game). The kids went a little crazy with the face paint & tattoos, I was very thankful the colored hairspray was all used up before it got to my kids! Addison was the tattoo artist for L & L. I think they probably had 15 to 20 tattoos a piece and those things are hard to get off!!!! Pastor Carter bought them candy at the concession stand and they all caught one of the little balls that the cheerleaders throw into the crowd- they thought it was pretty much the perfect night. Nathaniel was out of town, so I just had to text him a few pictures of his crazy crew!

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