Being Mommy

The other day I had a crummy day of being Mommy. I was short tempered, grumbling about my responsibilities, tuned out and not very caring. (Not exactly the kind of Mommy I want to be). It had been one of those long days and all I could think about was the few moments of peace I would get once they all went to bed for the night. So I hustled them to bed and refused to read a story, I even said it was okay not to brush teeth- I just wanted them ASLEEP! I went downstairs and watched a show on tv, had a snack (that I didn’t have to hide OR share with anybody) and even got on the computer without interruption. But I was feeling kinda sad- regretting the way that I had chosen to parent for that day. I went up to go to sleep myself and did my typical “rounds” where I turn off lights, re-cover, kiss and change AR’s diaper if needed. When I got to Lily I saw that she had fallen asleep with a piece of paper in her hand. She had written something on the outside and colored a picture inside. My heart sank when I got a closer look, she wrote “I *heart* Anne.” I wanted to wake her up and tell her that I *heart* Lily too! It made me realize that tomorrow is a new day and I GET TO be a Mommy!!! That is a privilege and it must not be taken for granted. Even on the long days. I am so thankful for my kiddos that choose to love me & forgive me even when I have a crummy day at being Mommy. 

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