It’s a twin thing

The three big kids in our house have all been moved into booster seats in the van. They can all three click themselves in now (and out), which means we only have to buckle/unbuckle ONE child- which is such an amazing blessing! (It really is the little things in life). Anyways, Jack gets right in and clicks himself. Lily gets right in and clicks herself. Then there is Luke. He gets right in and waits for someone to do it for him. Sometimes he talks Jack into it, often he sweet talks Lily into it, and somedays when I have extra energy he talks me into it!!!! The problem is that he CAN do it, he just chooses to have it done for him. The other day we had enough- Luke was in his seat begging everyone else to click him in. Nathaniel told Luke, “Here’s the deal. When you turn five (10/27) you have to click yourself in, every time. No relying on anyone else or getting them to do it for you. If you don’t start clicking yourself in every time- then we are going to put you back in your old car seat, with the shoulder straps and all!” Luke had big eyes as he digested this information. About two days later we were going somewhere and Luke talked Lily into clicking him in (after all, he wasn’t five YET). I  know they didn’t think I was listening to them when Lily said, “Hey Luke, don’t worry about what Dad said about clicking yourself in when you turn five. I will always do it for you. Okay Lukey?” Wow. I can only explain that bond as the “twin thing.” But I also tucked this into the back of my mind, as good material for why they need to be in separate school classes!!!!

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