Sick Lily and It’s a Twin Thing, Part II

Lily came down with a high fever on Tuesday of this week. She was feeling pretty pitiful Tuesday & Wednesday and part of the day yesterday. When the Motrin wore off she wanted me to hold her or be sitting in my lap. This is quite a different Lily than what I am use to- my independent, no-need-to-snuggle-you, confident little girl. So I knew she was really feeling sick due to the fact that she only wanted me and my arms holding her. In a strange way it was nice to get to connect with her like this- I am sad it came through her feeling sick, but I did enjoy being so needed by her and feeling like I could comfort her in a meaningful way. You never want your kids to be sick, but one of the little perks that came from this fever-bug was all those good Lily snuggles.

On Wednesday it was clear that she couldn’t go to school. I loaded the van with all the kids, but just backpacks and lunches for Jack and Luke. All the way to school we talked about how “cool” it was that just the boys in our family were going to school today, and the girls had to stay home. Jack ran into school on queue. When it was time to check Luke into preschool he hopped out of the van and put on his backpack. He held my hand as we walked to the classroom. I signed him in and then started talking with the teacher for a few minutes at the door. Right before I went to leave I scanned the room to say goodbye to Luke. He was nowhere to be found. I asked the two teachers, where he was. We all three started looking…. and then I saw him. He was crumpled into a ball in the corner of the room. His hands over his face, he was crying. I walked over and scooped him up and took him into the hallway (I knew he was embarrassed and didn’t want the kids in his class to see him crying). I asked what was going on and he said, “I can’t do this without Lily.” I tried my best pep-talk and encouraged him that he could! But through his quivering lips and tears streaming down his cheeks he told me he didn’t want to be there without Lily. He promised that if he could go home with me, he would be the BEST helper. I think his exact words were- “I will help you clean.” Boy, does he know my love-language, or what? I just didn’t have it in me. I scribbled his name off the list where I had minutes ago signed him in. As we walked back out to the van Lily started cheering from her car seat when she saw Luke was coming home with us. Wow. This twin-bond is no joke.

So I called Nathaniel as I was headed back home with three of the four kids that I had headed to school with that morning. I told him about Luke and his breakdown. Nathaniel responded, “You made him stay, right?!?!” It went through my mind, could I lie here? I told Nathaniel that I let Luke come home with us. Moral of the story here, splitting them up in the future is going to be HARD. On both Luke (and me)!

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