Ghouls at Grassmere

Saturday afternoon we bought the costumes. Saturday when we got home from buying them J, L & L immediately put them on. Ali Rose was terrified! She wanted them to stay away from her and she wanted to be held and not let down. Jack kept trying to take off his mask and show her that it was just him underneath. This terrified Ali Rose even more. It was NOT good. I was having flashes of what it would be like to take her trick or treating this year (crying all the way)! She cried Saturday night until all the big kids were safely changed into their pajamas. Sunday evening we went to Ghouls at Grassmere (trick-or-treating at the Nashville zoo) with our community group. All afternoon Sunday we tried to get Ali Rose to warm up to the costumes. It did work and I SO WISH I had a picture of this, driving home from the zoo late last night I looked back in the van and saw Batman and the cutest zebra holding hands!!!! Whew~

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