Birthday Bash


On Friday the 26th we had L & L’s birthday party after school at Granny White Park. The great thing was we could catch a lot of their classmates (and siblings) as they were just driving home from school. I think we had about 45 kids there!!!! We had the park all to ourselves, because nobody else wanted to be playing outside at that time. It was SO COLD and a bit wet 😦 But the kids didn’t seem to mind and they ran all around! We did a quick scavenger hunt for goodie bags and then sang to Luke as he blew out the candles on his football cookie cake. Next to Lily and we sang & then LUKE blew out the candle on her heart cookie cake before she had the chance! She cried. We re-lit the candle, sang again and she blew it out. You will notice on the picture of this, you can see my hand covering Luke’s mouth on the second attempt. Gotta love twins! The party was simple & fun. Can’t believe they are FIVE!!! Also a big thanks to sweet Emma, who kept track of Ali Rose for us the entire party 🙂




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