Halloween 2012

Keeping up with tradition, we headed to the Kerr’s house this year for trick-or-treating. The kids had a blast and the grown-ups did too! Thankful for this family & friendship 🙂

Ali Rose would go to one house, get the candy and then eat that piece of candy. She would skip all the rest of the houses in between until that piece was finished. Then she would go into the next one. I think she ended up eating 5 or 6 things while we trick-or-treated. Also, at one of the houses an elderly woman held open the door with her bucket of candy. Ali Rose just went right on by the lady and into her living room and sat down! Note to self: toddlers should not trick-or-treat alone.

Nathaniel with his girls 🙂

Don’t you just feel safer knowing this Batman, Robin & Wonder Woman are out there to protect you?!?!


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