It’s not about us

Every Thursday after school for 2 hours these are the words we chant before getting out of the van; “It’s not about us, it’s not about us.” I am chanting to remind myself and the kids. The kids are chanting because they love to chant- especially if it’s loud. Then we get out of the van, we walk across the parking lot, and into the doors of Preston Taylor Ministry. We serve there, we play, we laugh, we love. We do homework and crafts and snack time. For 2 hours on Thursday’s we put another’s needs ahead of our own and it turns into the best two hours of our week- every time.

Returning from Uganda last Fall I was convicted about serving alongside my children, right here in our community and backyard. My typical pose was that the kids were too young, it would be too hard, what help could we really be anyway? Me with four kids hanging on my leg? But those were lies that I finally chose not to believe. In January we found a place to plug-in at PTM and it has changed our family. It has changed the hearts of my children. I now know why the enemy wanted me to believe those lies, because serving alongside my children is powerful.

I prayed that my children would find friends among the children who attend PTM, that we would all see how much more we are alike- than different. On the playground Jack swings from the monkey bars with his friends, Lily plays tag with her friends, while Luke tries to master the hula-hoop with instruction from his friends. And as for Ali Rose, yeah, she is still mostly on my hip. But I’ve had so many amazing conversations about Ali Rose “and how can I be her Mom- when she is black and I am white?” Kids don’t bring a filter into the conversation and that’s really refreshing. The perk for Ali Rose at this point is I get a lot of hair style ideas and a lot of hair advice from the girls there 🙂

Last Thursday was BryAsia’s birthday. She asked me to make cupcakes for snack. She deserves to be celebrated- with cupcakes! This Thanksgiving week I am thankful for PTM. Thankful for the amazing staff & leadership that makes it run, thankful for all the kids and that we are able to do homework, snacks, playground and life with for 2 hours every Thursday.

Although we chant, “It’s not about us”-  it’s actually all about us, becoming more like Him. 

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