Christmas Morning

My pictures from Christmas morning are not so great. We got a lot of good video- but not so much with the pictures. This year Jack got a BB gun (I know, I know, I am hearing it in my head too “You’ll shoot your eye out.”) Luke got a real bow & arrow, and Lily got a real bow & arrow. Ali Rose got lots of little things that thrilled her- like a bag of balloons we blew up, books and a pillow pet. Our big present (wehadbeensavingforalongtime) to the “big kids” was a trip to Disney. They came downstairs to find a large box that said to Jack-Luke & Lily. Inside each wrapped box was another wrapped box which held a clue. The first clue was a model airplane, which Jack quickly figured out “Okay- we are flying somewhere.” The next clue was a map of FL with a star on Orlando. They knew  it was Florida and guessed “Are we flying to the beach?” The next clue was a lego that I had taken from Jack’s room earlier in the week. Well, this clue just confused them- Jack kept saying, “So that’s where this piece has been. I’ve been looking for it!!!” The final box held Mickey Mouse ears for all three of them. After a second or two- Jack screamed, “We’re flying to Florida and going to LEGOLAND and DISNEY! Yahoo!!!” Lots of screaming and excitement to follow. While it’s obvious in our home that presents are not the point of Christmas it was so much fun to surprise and celebrate with our kids. We are thankful for the true gift of Christmas, our Savior & King, on December 25th and always!

IMG_1696 IMG_1697 IMG_1698IMG_1704 IMG_1709 IMG_1712 IMG_1702 IMG_1716

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