What else could go wrong?


We left Ohio on the 30th, in order to get home to see Vanderbilt playing in the Music City Bowl on Dec. 31st. Jack and his flag-football team were to be recognized down on the field (since they won the championship this year). Anyways, Nathaniel and Jack were both going to attend the game, while I stayed home with the others and got us all organized and re-packed to leave for Disney. About an hour outside Nashville (so close- yet so far away) our troubles began. We heard a pop as we were rolling down I-65 and quickly realized we had a flat. It was dark and so Nathaniel made it off the interstate and then into a rest-stop. Some nice guys stopped to help Nathaniel change the tire and put on the spare- it was FREEZING outside so I took all the kids inside to hang in the rest area. Two hours later- and lots of cuss words I think- we had AAA come to help with the spare (which was also flat). We called  on the help of our friends the Duckworth’s and David drove to get the kids and I and bring us back to Nashville. We followed Nathaniel as he drove the van, which wasn’t looking so hot with the spare on it. We ended up leaving Ohio that morning thinking we would make it to Nashville between 6-7pm. In actuality we pulled into town around 11:30pm, it was a LONG trip. The kids held up pretty well… but this was just the start. The next morning Jack & Nathaniel got up early and headed to the game as planned…IMG_1751 IMG_1758 IMG_1759

While I headed to Costco with Luke, Lily & Ali Rose to get two new tires put on. I was there right when they opened and let them know the deal. They said it would take about an hour, cost around $300 (eeek), and they would call my cell when the work was finished. So the kids and I made our way up and down all the Costco aisles, have I mentioned yet that Ali Rose isn’t too fond of riding in the cart anymore? She pretty much screams if she is in it and then if I let her out she runs like a maniac up and down the rows. After about 45 mins my phone rings and I am so thankful. Only the Costco man explains that they can’t complete the work bc they don’t have the rim for the blow-out tire. Oh no. I realize after calling Nathaniel at the game, that the rim is at home in our garage. Ugh. So the tire center puts the spare back on and I load up all three kids and head home to get the spare, then back to Costco. Another hour later- we had a little lunch and did some more shopping- they called and said it was ready to go. I spent the entire morning walking around Costco with three kids. No matter, I was glad the van was fixed and we could head home so I could start the million things I needed to do to get us ready to depart for FL. On the drive home from Costco Luke starts screaming from the backseat. Saying his body itches and hurts. He is like tearing at his clothes and jacket. I have never seen him do anything like this, so as soon as we get home I get him inside the house and start taking his clothes off. Well, he is covered from head to toe in the most horrible looking rash/hives. All over his body! I freaked out. Never having seen something like this and not knowing what was causing it, I called my pediatrician and when they asked for a phone number to have a nurse call me back I said “I need to talk to a nurse RIGHT NOW.” While waiting for the nurse to get on the line I look over to see Ali Rose half-way choking on a sucker. I help her, take away the rest of the sucker, (which causes hysterical screaming) and finally connect with the nurse. She tells me to load the kids back in the van and go to the nearest place to get Benadryl. At this time I am at my breaking point, so I call Nathaniel crying. Luckily, it was half-time and they left the game to come home and help.


We get the benadryl in Luke and it helps the rash (although we still don’t know what caused it and he had to be on Benadryl for several days around the clock). So I think- we are FINALLY out of the woods. What else could go wrong? About that time Lily (who is playing on the bed) gets a toenail in her eye! Yes, a toenail in her eye. No, I am not even sure how that happens. Nathaniel had to take her and do a semi-surgery while I held her down to get it out. At this point I am thinking, we are not even going to make it to FL. The best and saving part of that day was the Stewart family (who came in town for the Vandy game) came over and brought pizza for dinner. It was awesome to see them, catch up and no major disasters took place during that time. Again, I am bummed that I didn’t get a pic with the Stewart family & our family. We played many rounds of “Just Dance” on the Wii and I think I even smiled some- after such a stressful two days.

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