Disney Here We Come!

On the morning of January 2nd we woke the kids up early-squirly (4am) and headed out for the airport. (We were SO THANKFUL to leave Ali Rose in the great care of Mom & Amy!) The kids got to sleep in their clothes the night before- which they thought was pretty cool. Our van was filled with such excitement as we rolled down the dark interstate making our way to the airport. At one point, just to get it all out, we said 1-2-3 everybody SCREAM!!! And scream they did! This was the first time for Luke & Lily to fly, so that was half of the excitement. We got through the airport and checked in with no problem. I loved watching the kids go through security and how they asked a million questions about everything going on around them. (The kids didn’t have to take off their shoes for the security screen, but sure enough, since Nathaniel & I had to take off ours, they all took off theirs too! They wanted the full experience.) Starbucks in the airport was our first stop for a sleepy Mom & Dad who had stayed up most the night getting ready to go~

IMG_1771 IMG_1773 IMG_1777 IMG_1778 IMG_1780Getting to watch Luke and Lily experience flight for the first time was priceless. As we were taxing on the run-way to get in line to take off, Luke kept shouting “We’re in the air! We’re in the air!” Making everyone around us smile.IMG_1017IMG_1018

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