Hollywood Studios

IMG_1808The first full Disney day was spent at Hollywood Studios. The Star Tours ride and Jedi Training Academy were big hits with our family! Luke bailed from the stage and came to find me in the crowd when Darth Maul came out- can’t say that I blamed him, Darth Maul was freaky looking! Jack and Lily both dueled Darth Vader on stage.IMG_1905

IMG_1321More Star Wars above. Can you tell we have some Star Wars fans in the family?!? We also went to the Indiana Jones stunt show, where Nathaniel got to be a stunt extra on the set. The kids thought this was cool, especially when he got to die a slow death on stage….IMG_1054Jack & Luke navigating the crowds for us

IMG_1059 L & L at training academyIMG_1133Luke literally danced through the park most of this day! The picture doesn’t do it justice 🙂


The light show that night, it was getting cold & starting to rain by this point… but the fireworks were awesome.IMG_1138

Lily and I headed back to the hotel after the light show because we were pooped, but Nathaniel and the boys stayed and rode the Star Tours ride three more times! IMG_1052Jack was NOT a fan of the Tower of Terror, Nathaniel rode it with the twins- while Jack and I made an “exit” before getting on the ride.

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