PreK Music Program


Last week Luke and Lily participated in the PreK Music program. I got Jack out of class so he and Ali Rose were in the peanut gallery with me to watch. Luke had a joke to share for the program and he got to come down and speak into the mic, which he thought was REALLY cool. His friend Jacob said “What did the hot fudge say to the ice cream on Valentine’s Day?” Luke responded, “I’m sweet on YOU!” They both did a great job. When I asked Lily (who is more reserved than Luke) if she had a speaking part in the program she said, “Yes- I get to laugh really loud at Luke’s joke.” Well there you go.  Ali Rose was rowdy in the crowd, literally every time she laid eyes on Luke she shrieked from her seat. It was prime nap time for her and I am seeing that the more sleep deprived the child gets, the more wound up she gets! Lily is in the last row, Luke is the row in front of her 🙂

IMG_2235 IMG_2238 IMG_2227

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