~ Happy Birthday Ali Rose ~

All day long I just kept thinking…. “I can’t believe our baby girl is TWO!” How did it go by so quickly? We celebrated low-key

tonight with a little Elmo cupcake party after dinner. The pictures sum it up, Ali Rosie you are LOVED!!!!IMG_2506IMG_2476

Oma helped me stay up last night and ice Elmo cupcakes 🙂 Then books & snuggles & kisses with Oma

before she headed back to Louisville this morning…


She seriously loves the singing ABC Elmo we got her. She is also such a Daddy’s girl-

loving to fly on his feet when he gets home from work!!! Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

Side note: sent Nathaniel to the store late last night to pick up an Elmo balloon and some party plates, he was so proud of himself that he found plates and napkins with Elmo on them… then we read what they said “Lalalalala You Are One.” They’d be perfect, if only this wasn’t her SECOND birthday. We got a good laugh and said we are sure it will confuse us years from now when we look back at the pictures and think… “was that her first or her second birthday?!”  Most of all, I’m just thankful Nathaniel ran out to the store in the cold last night so that I wouldn’t have to 🙂

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