What State Means to my children

The CPA girls basketball team has made it to state again this year! (They won it all last year and we are hoping for a repeat :)) On Saturday night we took the kids with us to see the Lions defeat Page High School in a VERY exciting game. At the end of the game everyone was going crazy because we won and we had to clue our kids in… This means we are going to state again! Well they start cheering like crazy too! Then Jack quickly told us he was SO HAPPY because he LOVES the HOT PRETZELS at state!!! He reminds us from last year that for an additional dollar you can buy cheese dip to go with it! Seriously, they’ve been talking about the hot pretzels all week. Yesterday we traveled to Murfreesboro and cheered the Lions onto another victory (they play again today at 4pm)- all the kids ordered hot pretzels as their half-time concession (with cheese dip- of course). So these pictures represent what “State” means to my children- playing under the bleachers and eating the BEST hot pretzels!!! GO LIONS!!!!

IMG_2512 IMG_2513 IMG_2524

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