Jeffery, Egg Hunts, and the Harlem Shake

The very first day as we flooded out of the vans into Mt. Olivos- a little boy named Jeffery quickly befriended Jack & Joshua. They are all 7 years old and the language barrier had no limit on the universal language of “play.” Jeffery taught Jack how to swing from a palm tree branch, how to jump over (and sometimes in) the creek, and showed him the ropes of his neighborhood. On Sunday we had a big Easter Egg hunt for the kids in the community. Our kids did a great job of helping the Mt. Olivos kids with the concept of hunting for eggs and of not eating their candy. As Jeffery bit into his first piece of candy (a starburst) he winced in pain. Luckily, one of the men on our team was a dentist…. Jeffery had a terrible cavity in his molar, which would need to be pulled. Jack was able to sympathize for and with Jeffery (mostly that he couldn’t even enjoy the candy)- that evening we talked about how Jeffery didn’t have access to medical care like we did. It really sunk in for Jack due to the fact that I had taken him just a week earlier to have his cavity filled, on the same tooth as his buddy Jeffery.

IMG_2780IMG_2803headed to the egg hunt

IMG_3071IMG_2987IMG_3053IMG_3055 Just for fun we decided to take a little break from building one day and did the Harlem Shake (Honduran Style). I didn’t even know what it was so they had to teach me about it along with the people of Mt. Olivos. It was awesome to do something so out-of-the-box with them and then to show it to them once it was uploaded on you tube was priceless!!! Now they really think we are crazy Americans!!! If you go to youtube and search “147 Harlem Shake” it will come up… Nathaniel is in the front shaking his tail-feather  with a grass skirt on, I am in the back waving a broom over my head and my FAVORITE person is the lady in the white dress in the wheelbarrow 🙂 Good stuff.

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