Mount Olivos

Much of our time in Honduras was spent in the community of Mount Olivos. The approximately 30 families that live in Mount Olivos are known as the poorest of the poor, they were essentially moved out of the city (out of eyesight) and onto a plot of land with no water source, no shelter and no real means of supporting themselves. They are in the process of becoming a village and it was a privilege to come alongside and participate in that process with them.

In 2011-2012 several organizations (both in the US and Honduras) came together in a partnership that focused on the needs of the people of Mt Olivos and the glory of God rather than the acclaim of any individual organization. 147 Million Orphans and Christ Presbyterian Academy were just two of the many groups joining forces for & with Mt. Olivos. To date the projects include a well to provide clean water, sanitary conditions, food, shelter, discipleship, economic development and most importantly- hope!

Last Spring my friend Karen Logan organized a service project run for the elementary students at CPA called: Run. Build. Go.  All the proceeds raised went to the construction of homes in Mt. Olivos. Jack, along with all the other kids, raised money for each mile in an effort to build at least 6 houses. They ended up with the funds to build 16  houses in Mt. Olivos, it was awesome to take Jack (along with several other CPA families with elementary students) to literally help build the houses they had run for. It was a “full circle” moment for us.

Mt. Olivos is no longer just a place on the map, a place where we sent support, it’s now a place where we know names and faces and stories- it’s a community of our friends. Pictures & stories to follow….

The pics below include a shot of our entire team (27 of us), a family photo, action shot, “Team Rebar” this group of women and I worked on rebar all week, and a before & after of the houses- front door  & windows not in yet. Side note- the guys who worked on digging & cement all week (Nathaniel & others) kept referring to our “Team Rebar” as “Team Art & Crafts”- poking fun at us. We had to remind the men that it was our rebar structures that provided the backbone of support for the entire house. Seriously boys. One other side note- it was hot hot hot there! Temps reaching 105 with a heat-index much higher. You can imagine how much the Morrows sweat in Honduras 🙂 IMG_2934IMG_2896IMG_2811

IMG_2907 IMG_2824IMG_2825

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