Spring Break 2013

Last week (March 22nd-29th) we spent our Spring Break serving with Jack in El Progresso Honduras. Nathaniel and I had been praying for an opportunity to take Jack on a mission trip, and this one sponsored by 147 Million Orphans ended up being just right for our family. I’m going to do my best to sort through the 300+ pictures and maybe even more stories & emotions to recap this trip 🙂 We were thankful that Roger & Linda could keep the other three kiddos all week in New Concord. Knowing that they were well taken care of and having a blast, made it easy to focus on what was right in front of us- the strangers at first, who turned into friends and ultimately our brothers & sisters in Christ- the incredible people of Honduras.

IMG_2741 IMG_2742

Honduras or Bust!!!

Jack was all smiles at the airport. We were REALLY thankful that his friend Joshua was on this trip as well. He and Jack were the two youngest kids (both in 1st grade) so they spent lots of time being silly together.

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