School Uniforms and Food distribution

It was a great joy to be able to distribute BRAND NEW school uniforms to the kiddos of Mt. Olivos! I wish everyone could have seen their faces as they realized they were getting something with the tags still on them (NOT hand-me-downs) and we even helped size them so that they would fit just right. It was one of my highlights of the week! I think the pics. below of this little girl getting her stuff do a perfect job of describing the emotions without using words 🙂IMG_3829IMG_3830IMG_3831

We also got to purchase and give out bags of food to each of the families in the community. We (the Morrows) were responsible for the chickens, so we loaded up the cart and Jack was in charge of counting to make sure we had the right number! So many of the experiences were well suited for families with children, this was one of them.IMG_2973 IMG_2976 IMG_2978 IMG_2979


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